A regular feature in Amateur Photographer magazine in the 1950s was ‘How I Make My Exhibition Pictures’. In some bound copies from 1954 and 1955 I found several contributors to the series mentioned Rondinax tanks.

Thus W.A. Fleet ARPS in the 2 June 1954 issue wrote:

Since the advent of FP3 film most of my work has been done with that, developed in Microdol in a Rondinax tank. The necessity of having to throw away the used developer has always been a good point with this tank, which I have used continuously since 1933 and would use no other.

Fleet 1

Titled ‘Light and its source’ By W.A. Fleet ARPS

The date 1933 is interesting since the date present written evidence (shown in a number of previous posts) suggests the Rondinax 60 was introduced in 1937. Was this a misprint, failing memory or did some people get hold of one before 1937?

Ruth Handley FRPS (1899-1957) recognised for her portraits of actors (2 November 1955) was another user of the Rondinax 60:

Handley 1

I use Plus-X rollfilm and P1200 plates. I develop my rollfilm in a Rondinax tank…I use D76 for negative development…

Handley 2

Titled: ‘Witchcraft’ by Ruth Handley FRPS