The following question was raised by Jim Huang on my YouTube video on the 35U:

Do you know if it comes with different drums? Mine is somehow too narrow and my film is bent on the side. It results in only some part of the film got developed and a damaged roll of film.

Then he followed up with:

Hey I asked you a question on youtube about the width of the drum, which you directed me to ask the question here.

When I opened up the lid, I realised all/most of the film was all bunch up near the axis of the drum. The results to a large portion of the film not developed.

I realised there resistance from the film cartridge was quite high. That basically keeps pulling the film so much that the grooves on the drums isn’t enough the hold the film in place. As the result, everything got bunched up at the axis of the drum.

I don’t know how to solve this problem before I develop my next film. I guess I may completely remove the film from the cartridge, then load it into the develop tank. However, that defeats the purposes of it.