Firstly thank you for the videos and info on the Rondinax’s. I developed tri-x 120 with the help of one of your videos.

Chems below :

11mins with 3ml Rodinal + 147ml water

2 – 3x 150ml Water Rinses, no stop bath.

30ml fixer + 120ml water.

Medium contrast, very soft grain ( for tri-x )

A question though, have you ever used or seen a Combina 35? This looks like a Paterson tank, but with a film leader attached, like in this picture :

The film leader is on the left, in red. Currently I’m unsure as to how it’s used without wasting a 35mm roll so if it comes to it I’ll waste one but just thought I’d check first and see if you know?

My assumption is it attaches to the spool and once attached to the clip then the leader is unhooked and the film is unwound with the lever but I really don’t know yet.