A couple of e-mails this week, one from Stephen Szikora telling me about a Vester Box 60 for sale on eBay in the UK and another from Richard Easson who has actually bought one (the 60 for 120 film) seen on eBay.

I have added a photograph to the Pinterest site (see top row of menu, above) which shows the front cover of the instruction manuals in English and Japanese while Richard will be sending some photographs of his tank.

I wrote about the two Vester Box models on 23 January 2014 and 26 June 2014.

They really do look like Rondinax tanks, differently badged on the lids (with I think a small difference in the cassette opening knob on the 35) rather like the UK Essex and Kent models. The question arises whether they were made in Germany or Japan and whether there was some commercial arrangement between Agfa and Ginrei-Koki.