Chris Rusbridge comments:

Hi, thought I’d just mention something that came out of my recent dev attempt from the Rollei Single Use camera. It said it was Superpan 400, and so did the cassette, though later I discovered it said Rollei Retro 400S on the film edge (and the interwebs tell me is actually Aviphot 400 aviation film). Anyway after loading the cassette into the tank and winding the film in, no way could I get the cutter to cut the film. I had to improvise a darkroom, take the lid off and cut it with scissors.

It turns out that Rollei Retro 400S is on a synthetic, polyester base, and is MUCH tougher than normal film. When told this, I confirmed it by make a small cut and tearing the leader of the 400S and a normal film. The former was much tougher.

So: Rollei Retro 400S (also known as Superpan 400) is NOT suitable for Rondinax tanks!

[MP adds – is this one where the Rondix would be the tank of choice]