I have recently purchased a pair of Rondinax 35 B developers. I am a keen photographer and have come back to shooting film again, together with digital. My clients are starting to ask questions about having their portraits taken with my Contax II and a Zeiss 50mm, f1,5, or the 85mm, f2, lenses. I am disabled, use an electric wheelchair, and wanted to start developing my own films again. I have taken a special liking to the Adox Silvermax iso 100 film, which requires its own developer to come out good, which the shop I used for developing film couldn’t help me with. They had their standard developer.

I am extremely pleased with the workings of the Rondinax 35 as I can load and develop the films myself. Working in complete darkness with the limited use of my hands that I have just wasn’t a alternative.

Still learning about how to properly use the tank.