I’m now up to four Rondinax 35s – one for use, one motorised and two for spare parts. Sadly no spare Rondinax 60, but that’s probably OK as I don’t do as much MF as 35mm. Today, however, was a big day in that my first Rondix arrived. I had no expectation that it would be so tiny! The latent engineer in me has to admire the simplicity of design and the minimalism of it. Remarkable! I note a couple of things – compared to the Rondinax it looks like it was made for a left handed person, in that the open end for pouring in solutions is on the left if the right hand is used on the crank. I can’t imagine why they did that, unless it was a deliberate attempt to allow continued cranking with the right hand while solutions are poured in with the left?
Secondly, I see the manual says it is for black and white films only. I don’t see why that was written, and I will try a C-41 film in it at some stage just to see how it goes. It’s a bit of a tedious process, so the motorised Rondinax is probably going to remain my usual tank for colour 35mm.

On a different note, I see my 35u tanks belong to four different generations:
1. The oldest is black (?Bakelite) with a black reel, red rubber strap, a small black winding knob, black film canister opening knob.
2. The next has a black reel, red rubber strap, a large black winding knob, and a black film canister opening knob.
3. The next has a clear reel, red rubber strap and a large back winding knob, and a black film canister opening knob.
4. The newest is black plastic (not the possible Bakelite of earlier models), and has a clear reel, clear plastic strap, large grey winding knob and red film canister opening knob.