Christopher Moss reports:

The motorised Rondinax has worked well with a C-41 film and I apologise if this seems like some kind of sacrilege to you! I did have to provide a new strap and film clamp for this particular tank, and this might interest the few of us who understand the value of these tanks.

I chose to use a blue rubber tourniquet as I have plentiful access to them. I cut it lengthways, not very neatly, with scissors. Remembering your post about strap replacement, I used a length of paperclip, folded twice to make a threefold thickness, in the loop of the doubled tourniquet and pulled tightly into the hub. It works. That left me two free ends to clamp onto the film.

Then I sewed a press stud or popper (depending on where you live; I speak UK English and Canadian English) onto the two free ends of the rubber. A ‘ticket collector’s punch’ makes a circular hole in the film end that accepts the press stud perfectly. Some photos of the final arrangement:

Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3

…and finally, for the sake of proof, I ran some Fuji Superia through the motorised Rondinax with Unicolor presskit chemicals. Unfortunately there was no other subject than myself, so here’s a selfie!