How many Rondinax users and potential users are out there? I will start by showing the viewing data for this site.

2013. 808 views by 180 different people

2014. 12,779 views by 3,360 different people

2015 so far. 4993 views by 1419 different people

The people viewing in different years could be the same, so these data suggest there are more than 3,500 in the world who are interested in daylight-developing tanks and who have found this site.

The viewing figures for the videos on YouTube suggest about 5,000.

Leading the popularity stakes on YouTube is the video on the Rondinax 60 with 5240 views. This confirms my suspicion that the majority of Rondinax users are medium-format film users. The Rondinax 35 follows with 3547 views. The short video on how the spiral loading works has 1323 views; how to use the Essex 35 has 983 views. The Rondix video has 990 views.

These figures illustrate the level of interest but do not answer the question of how many Rondinax, Essex and Kent tanks are actually in use or in a condition fit to be used.