I have been leaving the pre-Rondinax Leitz-badged daylight loading developing tank for later for the simple reason that I could find out very little about it. Like all Leica products it had a product code: TAHOO. I have never seen one for sale on eBay. I started a discussion on daylight-loading tanks in Club Rollei User and John, the editor, included scans of the instructions in the latest issue.

The more modern equivalent of the Leica TAHOO would be the Kodak Day-Load or the Superkino. The spiral is vertical (unlike the Rondinax) and the film is loaded from the side from the cassette in daylight.

Tahoo Pic

TAHOO was introduced in 1938 and was made by Correx, a well-known German tank manufacturer which seemed to disappear from view in the early 1950s if not before. There were apron-style early tanks as well as a conventional spiral versions; some were also marketed by Leitz between 1929 and the early 1950s.

Here are the instructions on how it operates:

Tahoo 1

Tahoo 2

Tahoo 3

Tahoo 4

Tahoo 5

Tahoo 6

Digging a bit further with the aid of Google I then had a shock. You will see that the cutting template for the tank sold for £111.11 in January. Yes, just for the cutting template, oh, and the knife. I know there are Leica collectors out there who want an example of everything Leica made but…

Here’s a screen clip from the auction site:

Tahoo ebay

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 16.44.03

I have been able to find no further information on the company that made Correx tanks other than that they were in west Germany. Leitz clearly abandoned TAHOO for a relationship with Agfa and a Leica-badged version of the Rondinax.