I said in yesterday’s post that, judging from Rondix tanks for sale on eBay, they had a longer life on the market in the US than in UK. A UK Agfa Catalogue for 1962/63 I found on eBay arrived this morning. I was surprised to find that only the Rondinax 60 and Rondinax 35U were listed. The Rondix was not there. This suggests that sales had been low and Agfa Ltd, the UK subsidiary, were no longer importing the tank.

Agfa Cat C

Agfa Cat B

In Comments on other posts you will see that Rondix tanks have been reported as having 67 and 68 marked on them, suggesting the year of manufacture. My Instruction Manual (in Dowloads) is marked 67 for 1967. Does anybody have Rondix tanks and Instruction Manuals marked later than this). And what is the earliest date on a Manual?

I suspect the Rondix tank came to the market too late. The big thing of the late 1950s and early 1960s was colour reversal processing that involved secondary exposure to light. Translucent spirals eventually appeared on Rondinax tanks for that purpose but processing Ferraniacolor, for example, would have been messy in a Rondix. Those spending money on a daylight-loading tank would have gone for the more versatile but more expensive Rondinax 35U rather than the cheaper Rondix that was ideal for full-lengths of black-and-white film but not for colour. In the late 1950s we processed black-and-white in the Rondix and Ferraniacolor in a darkroom-loading and cheap Poly-Max.

So in UK at least, the ‘poor man’s Rondinax’ never caught on and was squeezed out of the market in the early 60s after being available for only a few years. That is probably the reason few people have heard of the Rondix and why they are unaware of just how good it is for black-and-white processing in the 2010s.