When did the Agfa Rondix appear on the market? The few German sources I can find suggest 1956. My recollection is that my grandfather bought one in 1957 or 1958. The launch of the Rondix was announced in the UK photographic magazines but a full set of Amateur Photographer is needed to actually find when that was and to see the tank in the advertisements. The Rondix does not appear in the ‘New Goods’ section of the British Journal Photographic Alamanac but is shown in the Agfa advertisement of the 1958 edition, replacing the Rondinax 35U that normally appeared alongside the Rondinax 60. Since the Almanac would have spent some time ‘in press’ my best estimate is that the Rondix appeared on the UK market in 1957:


I have never seen one made of Bakelite. Like the late Rondinax 60s they are made of a light material (polystyrene?).

I do not know if they were manufactured alongside the Rondinax models until production of the latter ended. My impression is that they were more common in the USA since most of appearing on eBay are located there.

The Rondix was dubbed ‘the poor man’s Rondinax’ because it was much cheaper than the Rondinax 35U. However, for simplicity, ease of use and superb results I prefer it—as you will have gathered from earlier posts—for ‘normal’ use to the Rondinax 35U. They only rarely appear on eBay but I was surprised to see that one on the US site sold for only $27.00 a few days ago.