Searching for information on daylight developing tanks has brought home to me again and again just how much wrong information is disseminated on websites and blogs. Two concerning Rondinax tanks are out there waiting to trap the unwary.

Example 1. I read that the upper left hand knob on the Rondinax 35U is turned to position 2 in order to open an ordinary cassette before winding the film onto the spiral. In other words the user is advised to treat it like a Rondinax 60 with its separated film. Wrong! The numbers and positions are there for the special Leica and Zeiss Contax labyrinthine cassettes. It doesn’t matter which position the knob is in for standard cassettes.

Example 2. Leitz (Leica) invented the Rondinax. Very Wrong!

I hope you find these pages have verifiable information, that I have done my homework and that I point out areas of uncertainty. If you find anything wrong or questionable, let me know and I will change it. The last thing I want to do is perpetuate myths and legends.