Agfa Rondinax tanks are no longer made. However, they and their clones still offer great advantages for those wanting to develop photographic films. The greatest advantage is that a darkroom or changing bag is not needed to load the tank.

I am building this site as a resource for all those interested in daylight-loading developing tanks – from the beginner setting out to find how simple they are to use to those interested in how these classics of industrial design work and in knowing something of their history.

This project is a work in progress. To date I have added a page where you can download instruction manuals. Links to four videos on YouTube will be added later today showing the operation of the Rondinax 60 (and its clone the Kent 20) for 120 film, Rondinax 35U for 35 mm film, Rondix 35 for 35 mm film and the Essex 35 for 35 mm film. All these tanks can be found from second-hand sources like eBay.

For those considering buying a Rondinax-type tank, my advice is watch a video, download a manual and look at the page giving tips on buying.